Nice to get back into the groove of the race scene!  We have been running pretty consistently as of late, so I was ready to start running some races again.  Knowing races are coming up are always a good motivator for keeping with the exercise! It went fairly well, though MC had to keep reigning me in because I just kept speeding up for some reason.  As I have a lot of holiday weight I am just in the beginning of getting rid of, I would have very likely struggled towards the end had I been left to my own devices. 😉 Altogether, it was a pretty good first race of 2012!

It was also my first run trying out the RunKeeper Android app.  I didn’t look through the settings so it turned out she was pretty chatty during the run, but nothing too intrusive.  Below is the snapshot from the site. Always fun to try something new!


MC – 32:49