I could have sworn that I did a 1 year wrap-up post with regard to our reading list, but it appears that I am mistaken because I can’t seem to find it!  So we decided on the reading list that we use almost 2 years ago (exactly 2 tomorrow) and began this reading adventure. On the spreadsheet (yes, I created a fancy google doc to track our progress) I have a little table to fill in our number of books read each year, but I didn’t separate them so the numbers comprise our totals between list and non-list books for the first year. We decided to track everything since we knew this list is probably going to take the better part of a decade to finish, and there is no way we would want to be restricted to just list books for that long! So here was our breakdown from year 1.

Me – 7 books, 2009 pages

MC – 6 books, 1771 pages

While those numbers may not look too impressive, 9 of those months were the ones leading up to our wedding so we had some pretty important distractions 🙂 I am happy to say that our year-to-date totals are a little better.

Me – 22 books (11 from the list), 6905 pages

MC – 23 books (10 from the list), 7088 pages

As of late, I try my best to alternate between list and non-list books, and the next 4 or so that I have planned will keep with that trend.  I am shooting for reading at least 1 book a month this year, but we will see how it goes considering I also plan on defending my dissertation this year (someone told me you have to, like, prepare a lot for those or something). My other goal is also to tackle one of the monsters on our list.  We have several 1000+ pagers and it would be nice to not save all of them for last. 😉 We’ll see how it goes!