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Random Thoughts Thursdays

Yes, I am apparently struggling to keep up with a single themed post a week, so why not add another! I figured I would take Thursday so I would have a good spread (Monday and Thursday for themed posts) and I didn’t have much else that I thought would work so why not random thoughts! This could span thoughts on news articles, random ideas I have had, etc. Pretty much anything goes, but at least it provides an excuse/motivation to sit down and write a frickin’ post!

So this week’s random post (yes I’m cheating and pre-dating this one as well) has to do with an image I saw last week during my random perusing of the interwebs.

At first glance, this seems like a pretty cool idea. Just model pringles cans after deodorant sticks! But it doesn’t take much thinking to realize that this is a pretty ridiculous idea.  The chips would have to have holes poked through the middle of them to give a place for the spine to go. Not a likely modification.

This got me to wondering about other ways to address this problem.  The first idea I had was having a little piece of plastic that runs down the inside of the can then connects to a plastic bottom so it would resemble a ladle were the “scoop” part is just a flat platform.  Then you just grab the little plastic piece and can easily pull the chips to the top of the can.  I think this could be done with a pretty minimal piece of plastic so it wouldn’t add too much.

My second idea was to put a little door at the bottom of the can as the main access instead of the top of the can.  Just open the door and slide out the chips! Seems pretty simple to me, though it might make crumbs falling out a bit of an issue.

Additionally, they could just make the bottom pushup-able just like the Flintstone pops of yore.  This could be pushed up either by hand, or a small plastic “wand” could be attached to the can to push the bottom up making the chips more accessible.

So there we go, my first random thoughts post! Who knows how well I will keep up with this or whether or not they will be very entertaining, but hopefully it will be a stepping stone to making this blog a bit more interesting 😉

What a slacker blogger am I

So I perused through the last couple of months of my blog, and it is readily apparent that I’ve let it be reduced to a collection of mobile photos and ridiculously long posts each time I travel. I need to step up. I need to add some variety. I’m thinking of choosing 1 or 2 days a week and having a themed post (e.g. video game related post, favorite news story of the day). At least, then, some variety will be added to this place, and I may keep all 3 of my readers entertained 😉 Who knows, I may even earn a new reader or two!

I will try to mull things over during the Christmas break, but if anyone has suggestions about ways the think this place could be spiced up, feel free to share! 🙂

Yet another new blog

So, for some reason that only the computer gods know, my mac mini (computer I used to host my blog) had some issues during the move into our new place.  The wordpress installation was non-responsive, “show databases” in MySQL didn’t know the database, yet all the files seemed to still be in the data directory.  After more frustration that I needed during the process of getting settled in our new place, I’ve decided to abandon self-hosting and I have moved to Bluehost.  I chose them because they came highly recommended with regard to hosting wordpress installations, and I’ve really enjoyed the control that wordpress has offered. While all my previous posts seem to pretty much be inaccessible (which sucks), I can look through the MySQL files and see a the text of the posts.  Obviously, it would take a ridiculous amount of time to go back and re-create all my posts, but I plan to gradually go back and re-do the important/ongoing ones.  Of course the honeymoon post is my #1, then I want to get my reading list posts back up since that is an ongoing project and, if I get around to it, I’d like to get my postcard posts back up as well.  I guess we will just have to see how it goes.

For now, I am just going to work at getting this installation configured with everything that I liked previously, and I’ll continue to generate new posts.  Perhaps I’ll also make it so it cross-posts to Blogger or something so posts, at least the text, will be stored in more than one place.

So here begins yet another era of my blogging hosting.  Hopefully this one will be a bit more persistent and less of a pain in the ass than some of the ones I’ve used in the past have been 🙂