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My Beautiful Munchkin

My Beautiful Munchkin

My Beautiful Munchkin

I don’t usually post mobile pics to my Flickr (I tend to reserve it for my photography), but we were too enamored with this photo not to post it. As usual, I got trigger happy and took a bunch of photos and this one turned out great. I think she looks like a little toddler model. ¬°Que linda!

Reviving her buddy

Reviving her buddy, originally uploaded by fincher69.

I was hanging out with Ruby and getting my camera ready for a little pool photo shoot later. She was just doing some tummy time on the futon and playing with her musical giraffe, and I got some fun shots in the process. I don’t think she knows what it does, but she was definitely attracted to the shiny thing on the side of her little friend!

Ruby with giraffe

Ruby with giraffe, originally uploaded by fincher69.

I don’t usually do much portraiture, but we had a little session after taking her 6 month pictures. We thought it would be fun to add a little prop, and sure enough we had some pretty cute shots. This was one of our favorites, and I thought it was just too adorable not to post.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley, originally uploaded by fincher69.

Three of the large rock formations that are part of Monument Vally, Arizona.

While the colors of the rocks in this area are amazing, I was drawn to a black and white version for this photograph.

This is another shot from my most recent road trip with my Dad, but it has just taken me this long to actually get around to continuing to post pictures from this trip.

Sunrise Point

Sunrise Point, originally uploaded by fincher69.

This photo was taken at sunrise at the appropriately named Sunrise Point in Bryce Canyon National Park. Dad and I thought it would be cool to get up bright and early, and while plenty of other people had the same idea, it was definitely worth it! It was fairly dark when we first got there and it was awesome to watch the sun slowly light up all the unique rock formations and we enjoyed the chilly weather.

Monument Valley Panorama

Monument Valley Panorama, originally uploaded by fincher69.

Another panorama shot from Dad and my trip out west. Taken in Monument Valley, UT, this photo ended up being around 79 megapixels! I think that is one of the largest panoramas I have ever put together. It was definitely the first one that was too big for Aperture to export after I did a little processing so this is the output straight from the actual stitching.

There is some pretty obvious artifacting from the stitch on the right side where the car was driving by, but I was focused more on the geologic awesomeness in the background so it didn’t bother me too much.

I also like panoramas such as this where it is pretty much a 180 degree view of the valley.

Stitched together with DoubleTake.

37 Weeks and Counting

37 Weeks and Counting, originally uploaded by fincher69.

Maricruz and I have been taking pictures periodically to document the growth of our little Ruby. During our last photo shoot, the sun was low enough that I thought it would be fun to try some silhouette pics. I would have liked to find higher ground so there was less in the background, but I was happy with it given the circumstances.

I don’t usually like to process my photos very much, but I had a lot of fun with this one. I gotta enjoy playing around with this kind of thing while I still have the free time, haha.

Goblin Valley Panorama

Goblin Valley Panorama, originally uploaded by fincher69.

An approximately 45 megapixel panorama of Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. It took me a bit of playing around with it, but I thought the stitch came together pretty well and provided a cool view of the plethora of “goblins” that were there. Definitely a unique place!

Stitched together with DoubleTake.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

North Rim of the Grand Canyon, originally uploaded by fincher69.

View from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon from a trip I took with my Dad this past summer. Great lookout after hiking a short trail across the top of an outcropping.

Enjoying some Yazoo beer while celebrating the new “DeVine” addition to the family!