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2-1-1 Big Bend 5K

Our first family 5k! MC and I have been getting back into running, but the 5k distance was still a little bit of a jump (some of our most recent training runs were a little over 2 miles). We decided to do it because it was so close to us, and we were definitely not going to try to break any records (if not for training, but for pushing a stroller!). It was overcast, but a pretty good temperature, and overall, things went pretty well. When we opened the flap of the stroller to hand Ruby her snacks, she thought she was getting out. This caused a little fuss around mile 2, but she soon was back to being a good little passenger.

Getting geared up

Getting geared up

My beautiful wife pushing my beautiful baby

My beautiful wife pushing my beautiful baby

5k finishers!

5k finishers!

All-in-all, it was great to get back out into the 5k scene. It was also super fun to be able to do it all together as a family! As we start doing more runs with her, I think Ruby will become an even better passenger and I see lots of races in our future 🙂


MC – 38:06

Shamrock Scurry 5k

This race was about a month after we found out Maricruz was pregnant and, luckily, my parents came down the same weekend! Since I have been in Tallahassee, Mom and I haven’t been able to run many races so it is always fun when we can coordinate for one. As Maricruz was dealing with her share of morning sickness (“like feeling hungover every day without getting to drink the night before” as she described it) she decided to do the 1 mile fun run/walk. I decided it would be fun to do that with her, then follow it with the 5k with Mom and Dad. Unfortunately, I have been a total slackass and am writing this post about 6 months after the actual race so I don’t actually remember a lot of specifics about race day. I DO remember that we were about the only ones without kids in the 1 mile race (though we DID have one in utero hehe), and the 5k course had a decent hill profile. They also had a big pancake breakfast prepared and was a pretty well-organized race. It was also definitely an awesome race shirt as it was St. Patty’s themed as well. 🙂

1 mile


MC – 13:59



Mom – 31:49

Dad – 39:58

Flash 6k

This was my first 6k (as far as I remember).  Since we are still taking it easy, especially since Maricruz has been having some knee issues after snowboarding, this was a fairly relaxed race with walk breaks.  One thing I will definitely note is that bug spray is a must for this race.  Maricruz and Julia didn’t seem to have an issue, but I had no less than 10 bug bites before I even got to the starting line.  Everything felt pretty good and it was a nice, flat little race!


MC – 43:15

Run for the Kids Virtual 5k

This was a pretty cool idea that my mom notified us of.  The Run for the Kids people organized a virtual 5k.  So we signed up and they sent us both shirts and numbers that we were supposed to used when we ran on Valentine’s Day! I’m sure that anyone that saw us were a bit confused, but it was a pretty cool idea. Just did the familiar route near us and had a good start to our Valentine’s day!


MC – 34:34

Bowlegs 5k

Nice to get back into the groove of the race scene!  We have been running pretty consistently as of late, so I was ready to start running some races again.  Knowing races are coming up are always a good motivator for keeping with the exercise! It went fairly well, though MC had to keep reigning me in because I just kept speeding up for some reason.  As I have a lot of holiday weight I am just in the beginning of getting rid of, I would have very likely struggled towards the end had I been left to my own devices. 😉 Altogether, it was a pretty good first race of 2012!

It was also my first run trying out the RunKeeper Android app.  I didn’t look through the settings so it turned out she was pretty chatty during the run, but nothing too intrusive.  Below is the snapshot from the site. Always fun to try something new!


MC – 32:49


Bowlegs 5k

So I am a little late in posting this, but better late than never, yes? We are both just getting back into the race scene so we weren’t going for a PR or anything.  Had a good run and, as far as I remember, we only had one walk break on a long hill after mile 2.  Always nice to have a change of scenery and look forward to more races!



MC – 32:49

Red Cross Hurricane Run 5k

We are still getting back into the running scene, and this looked like a good Labor Day race for us to try out.  We got a little excited the night before with our mimosas/beermosas, so we were definitely not 100% for the race.  My advisor’s wife Marie joined us for the first time and gave Julia a running buddy since there was no way MC and I were going to keep up.  We took a few walk breaks and weren’t really going for a time.  It was just a fun run with my wife and we enjoyed not getting rained on (it looked pretty threatening).  It was also cool to run around our new neighborhood for a race instead of having to drive across town.  Hopefully, we’ll be better prepared for the next one and get back into working on our times.  I want to hit a PR this season! 🙂


MC – 34:43

Julia – 28:02

Marie – 28:10

Operation One Voice – Race for Fallen Heroes 5k

As I was getting ready to write this post, I realized that I still need to try to dig through and replenish my old race posts, if I can. Until then, I guess I will just continue on as usual. I did this race (its first running) a few years ago, then we ran it the next year, Julia and MC did it last year, and this year I got to partake again as well. It followed the fairly standard Maclay Gardens 5k route, which ends up being around half trail / half road running. Except for a few spots of sand, I enjoy trail running so it is a pretty good race. I’ve gotten WAY out of shape so I wasn’t expecting much. Mostly just went out to have a fun run with my wife. Took a few walk breaks and finished in about the time I had expected. I look forward to getting back into race season and getting back in shape!


MC – 33:44.51

Julia – 27:29.98

Seaside Half Marathon and 5k

After MC lovingly stayed with me during the ING half marathon together, this gave her a chance to really go out there and see what she could do. We made a weekend of it with some friends and had a pretty good time (though I’m not sure how much my “carbo loading” the day before helped, haha).

MC, Julia, Mac, and Barb were all running the half marathon and Brian and I opted for the 5k. ¬†Both were simple out-and-back routes, and the course was about as flat as you can get. MC’s goal was to break 2:10 in the half and I just wanted to not die or puke during the 5k. 🙂 Last time I tried to run, my ankle injuries flared up so I was actually hoping to just make it through without that giving me too much trouble. The weather was pretty cool (mostly because it was windy) and overcast, but about perfect, in my opinion, for running since I very quickly generate a lot of heat. Given my goal and how little exercise I have been doing, I was actually pretty happy with how I finished and was SUPER proud of MC for obliterating her goal!! We were originally planning on hanging out at the race grounds for the day, but it was pretty chilly with the wind and overcastedness so we didn’t actually last too long.

All-in-all it was a pretty fun race and we had a great weekend (despite the dismal weather) and all seemed pretty happy with their race results.



Brian – 32:37


MC – 2:04:52

Julia – 2:04:52

Mac – 1:56:59

Barb – 2:17:45

Miami ING Half Marathon

That’s right, another half! I vowed to never do it again after the last one, but the coolness of doing one with my wife (her first) was enough to suck me in for #2. THIS will definitely be number LAST though haha. Woke up bright… er… dark and early at 4:30 am to get ready. We met up with Julia (who was doing her first full) and pals near the finish line before the race then moseyed over to the start line and started getting pumped!

It started around 6:20am in downtown Miami and the weather was clear and fairly cool. Combine that with the flatness of Miami and it was definitely a pretty good half to attempt. About 4 weeks ago, I started to develop a sharp pain in my ankle, so my training was prematurely tapered to a few stationary bike sessions and a week of snowboarding. The race reaffirmed that this is probably not the best race training regimen (but I DID manage to over excel at the carbo-loading, haha).

So we spent the first 2 miles with Julia then started to pepper our run with walks to try to curtail my lingering ankle injury. I really didn’t feel too bad until around mile 9, which is when I really noticed more parts of my body starting to protest with increasing vehemence. We managed to push through and it felt amazing to finally cross that finish line. I better try to hold that one in memory because I definitely don’t want to do it again! haha. After scarfing down everything I could find at the food stations, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest (and showers). All-in-all, it was a cool experience to share with my wife! 🙂


Maricruz – 2:41:14

*EDIT* I forgot to add a couple things. Favorite sign I saw “Run total strangers, Run!” and my favorite cheer was “You aren’t going to win the race, but try hard anyway!”