Fincher's Follies

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Springtime 10k

We actually joined a training group for this one that met once a week. It was still not a ton of training, but better than we would have done on our own! Overall it was a pretty hilly course. No really bad hills, but rolling hills almost the entire time. Luckily we had seen most of the course in training. Matt couldn’t join us because of his back issues, but we still got to run with Lynn for the entirety. Unfortunately MC and I both got sick the weeks prior so that probably slowed us own a little bit, but we were still pretty happy with our time. Probably don’t have much interest in running many more 10ks, but we will definitely be logging more 5ks soon!!


MC – 1:07:37

Lynn – 1:07:39

Our first 10k!! – Reedy River Run in Greenville, SC

One or our most beautiful runs. Weather was cool, but sunny. Started in downtown greenville and mostly ran through parks around the Reedy Rvier. Wouldn’t have had to walk except for the large hill in the sixth mile. Still kept a better pace than we were expecting for our first 10k. Feel a little better about the upcoming half marathon now.


Mom’s Time 1:02:46