Fincher's Follies

Yeah… just let someone else host it

Eastman Road Race – 3k

While I was home for Matt’s Bachelor Party, mom and I decided it would be fun to try to throw in a race. Matt and his friend Dan actually joined us as well, which was fun. Considering I had a bit of a rough night the night before and haven’t been running, I was actually pretty pleased with how well we did. Hopefully we can coordinate some more races soon!!


Mom – 17:48

Jingle Bell Run

Yep, that’s right. Two races in one day! I know I’m crazy, but oh well. Bopper and Matt and Turtle ran it too and Lindsey was thinking about it so there were going to be some non-runners that I figured I would just chill with and take it easy given my morning. Well I pretty much lost all three of them right off the bat because it was so frickin’ crowded. So once I could, I picked up the pace a little to try to at least catch Bopper, but I apparently missed her at some point. Ended up actually setting a PR! That’s two in one day! hahaha. I didn’t get everyone else’s times so I’ll just post mine for this one. I actually coulda dropped probably another 30 seconds since I got bogged down at the beginning. Maybe I’ll try to be more in the front next year. 😉

16:17 (PR)

Jingle Bell Run 3k

Right through downtown Tallahassee. It was cool as it was part of a big tree lighting festival and everything. Pretty casual. No numbers or anything. Too many dadjum walkers though. There were probably a couple thousand people there so it was pretty big and kickin. Fairly cool since it was an evening run and definitely set a 3k PR for me. 🙂


Eastman 3k

Mom – 17:50
Me – 17:51
Dad – 20:21

It’s been a while since we did much running so it was a little rough but good race to start back with since it was only a 3k. It was also nice that dad could run it with us.

Eastman 3k

Sloping uphill, then mild downhill to the finish. Went out a little strong and race was delayed which made it a little warm


Mom’s time: 16:47