Fincher's Follies

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Gulf Winds Track Club 5 mile race and 10 mile challenge

Beautiful morning for a run. Weather was just about perfect. I did the 5 mile (8 kilometer) race. The course was definitively rolling hills. I don’t think there was a single flat section in the entire race. It was an out and back route and overheard that the back was more uphill than the out. AWESOME! Definitely a challenging course and I went out a little harder than I meant to, but I set a PR so I was pretty stoked!

45:55 (PR)

Crazy 8’s 8k

Race at 10pm in Kingsport. Fairly cool (at least compared to Tallahasse). Not too bad of a course, same as last year. After not sleeping thursday night and boarding about 5 times in the days prior my quads were ridiculously sore and I had low hopes, but really surprised myself and ended up with a PR! Can’t argue with that.

51:47 (PR)
Mom – 51:46
Lauren – 40:43
Turtle – 43:25

Tour De Possum Creek & Crazy 8’s

In the morning was the Tour De Possum Creek, a 22.5 mile bike ride. Started with slight rolling hills and the hills got increasingly more rolling as the course progressed. It was a casual race, hence no official time. My first group ride too!

~ 1:05:00

In the evening was the crazy 8’s 8k. I missed it last year due to my sprained ankle and just did the 3k walk. Different course than the last time I ran it. Some rolling hills, but nothing too extreme. Both races had pretty high humidity and the 8k was still around 80 so it was pretty hot. I was completely soaked with sweat after no more than a mile, which made the rest of the race feel like I had a weighted shirt on. Considering my morning, I had a better time than I was expecting.


Mom – 55:22

Crazy 8’s 8k

Downtown Kingsport


Mom’s time – 56:58