Fincher's Follies

Yeah… just let someone else host it

Muddy Buddy

Cool race that Michelle heard about and thought I would be interested in. We were gonna do the one in Orlando, but it sold out so we did the one in Atlanta. Not sure exactly how long the Atlanta course was, but it was 6-7 miles with 4 obstacles and a mud pit at the end. I started biking so I did 3 legs of biking and two of running while Keith did 3 running and 2 biking. It was a pretty hilly course, and it was rainy so it was a little slicker than normal, but it was a lot of fun. Definitely need to train a little harder if I’m going to do it again though, haha. Obstacles were a balance beam, over-under, 6 foot climbing wall, 15 foot rope mesh with slide, then of course the mud pit at the end. Finished 16th out of 50 teams so overall we were pretty happy with our results. Keith only had to wait for me a little at the very end so I was pretty stoked about that. Definitely would like to look into doing it again some time.


Tour De Possum Creek & Crazy 8’s

In the morning was the Tour De Possum Creek, a 22.5 mile bike ride. Started with slight rolling hills and the hills got increasingly more rolling as the course progressed. It was a casual race, hence no official time. My first group ride too!

~ 1:05:00

In the evening was the crazy 8’s 8k. I missed it last year due to my sprained ankle and just did the 3k walk. Different course than the last time I ran it. Some rolling hills, but nothing too extreme. Both races had pretty high humidity and the 8k was still around 80 so it was pretty hot. I was completely soaked with sweat after no more than a mile, which made the rest of the race feel like I had a weighted shirt on. Considering my morning, I had a better time than I was expecting.


Mom – 55:22