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Miami ING Half Marathon

That’s right, another half! I vowed to never do it again after the last one, but the coolness of doing one with my wife (her first) was enough to suck me in for #2. THIS will definitely be number LAST though haha. Woke up bright… er… dark and early at 4:30 am to get ready. We met up with Julia (who was doing her first full) and pals near the finish line before the race then moseyed over to the start line and started getting pumped!

It started around 6:20am in downtown Miami and the weather was clear and fairly cool. Combine that with the flatness of Miami and it was definitely a pretty good half to attempt. About 4 weeks ago, I started to develop a sharp pain in my ankle, so my training was prematurely tapered to a few stationary bike sessions and a week of snowboarding. The race reaffirmed that this is probably not the best race training regimen (but I DID manage to over excel at the carbo-loading, haha).

So we spent the first 2 miles with Julia then started to pepper our run with walks to try to curtail my lingering ankle injury. I really didn’t feel too bad until around mile 9, which is when I really noticed more parts of my body starting to protest with increasing vehemence. We managed to push through and it felt amazing to finally cross that finish line. I better try to hold that one in memory because I definitely don’t want to do it again! haha. After scarfing down everything I could find at the food stations, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest (and showers). All-in-all, it was a cool experience to share with my wife! 🙂


Maricruz – 2:41:14

*EDIT* I forgot to add a couple things. Favorite sign I saw “Run total strangers, Run!” and my favorite cheer was “You aren’t going to win the race, but try hard anyway!”




Country Music Half Marathon

Nashville, TN! Our first (and likely only) half marathon (that’s 13.1 frickin’ miles)! Woohoo! It was pretty good. I could definitely tell that I haven’t been training that much recently. Those last few miles were pretty rough. We definitely ran faster than we were expecting, which might have contributed to the feeling rough at the end. Lots of bands and people!


Mom – 2:36:39

Lauren – 1:46:57