The first half of the tagline we liked to use to describe our one year anniversary. 🙂 I’ll talk a little more about that in a minute, but I figured I would do a little recap of the mileage covered this week as I felt like I had practically switched careers into the trucking business.

Friday: Tallahassee to Hilton Head – 340 miles
Saturday: Hilton Head to Savannah – 42 miles
Sunday: Savannah to Tallahassee – 300 miles
Monday: I had meetings
Tuesday: Day tripped to a friend’s house in Welaka – 430 miles
Wednesday: Tallahassee to Bristol – 537 miles
Thursday: dentist and errands in Bristol
Friday: Bristol to Atlanta IKEA to Tallahassee – 603 miles

Total miles: 2252

Now that’s a traveling week!!!

So MC and I left after work and went to Hilton Head after work on friday. Got there in the evening so we just took it easy and crashed.

So we started out our day in Hilton Head by going for a run! I love that we can start out a special day (like our anniversary or valentine’s) with some exercise. Makes you feel better the rest of the day, and it is kinda cool that we can share exercise as well as our leisure time together. So after our run we prettied up and went across the street for lunch at Land’s End. We were going to eat at the Salty Dog but it was jammed and we were pretty hungry. After lunch we hit the road and moseyed over to Savannah. Luckily it wasn’t too bad of a drive. We got checked in and then decided to walk around Savannah for a bit. We actually got lucky because it was First Saturday so there was a shindig going down near the river.

There were lots of vendors selling a lot of crafts and stuff and it was cool to walk through with my goofy sweetie and peruse.

We slowly made our way down the waterfront and checked out the various wares. Stopped in a couple gift shops and a candy store on the way as well. Once we made it to the famous “waving lady” statue, we turned back into town to start meandering towards the hotel.

On the way back to the hotel, we decided to pass by the Pink House, where we were going to have dinner. We figured we should check it out so we would know exactly where it is and how long it would take to walk from the hotel.

Once we got back to the hotel it was time to get dolled up for dinner! The Pink House was super kickin’ when we got there (glad I made a reservation!) and the food was pretty yummy. The appetizers were awesome and the entrees were pretty good. A little pricey, but it was definitely worth it for a cool anniversary dinner.

We took a different way home to view a little more of Savannah, then had a nice relaxing rest of our evening. Sunday we got up and wanted to walk around Savannah and see a little more than we got to the previous day. We talked to the concierge and he recommended a good brunch place, J.Christophers. They have some outside seating so we snagged a table and had a wonderful brunch in a nice little area of Savannah. Later we found out that while we were eating outside, my friends Paul and Chasity were actually eating inside! What are the odds? And I think another friend of ours was in the area at a similar time as well. It was crazy to know that I had friends right inside and we didn’t even know!

After brunch we continued through the historic district over to Forsyth Park.

We weren’t intentionally trying to look like we were posing for prom pictures, but it definitely turned out that way.

We sat in the park for a bit, then decided to wander back to the car so we could hit the road back to tally. It was a great weekend. We covered some ground, enjoyed some great food, a cool new place, and of course each other’s company. It was definitely an awesome way to celebrate a year of oddities and love.

Tuesday Matt and I went to Tim’s house to join some wakeboard club kids for our first wakeboarding session of the year. It was a blast and we had a lot of fun, even if we did drive for like 7 hours that day. I got some pretty good pictures that you can check out on my Flickr account. I thought about posting a few on here, but figured I will just let people check them out on Flickr. I will end on a cool shot Matt got of me. Now I’m off to try to be at least a little productive on St. Patty’s!